Superintendent's Welcome Letter

  • Red apple with leaf Welcome to the Wyoming Central School website.  It continues to be a pleasure to serve Wyoming as Superintendent and I will continue my commitment to our school.  

    Our school is striving to have all students read at grade level by 3rd Grade. We are also continuing with our math club for our 3rd and 4th Graders. This is a fun way to learn math and have an extra 45 minutes of math time per week. Our middle school students continue to strive in school, sports and the arts. This continues through all academic areas: math team, page turners, drama plays, basketball, music programs and having student art work chosen for the ARt Council calendar.

    In the last few months we have moved forward with technology by incorporating 3D printers in our program. We are also looking forward to chrome books arriving. These will enhance our technology, one to one learning, and the beginning steps in coding. All will prepare our students for high school and college.  

    Our staff continues to provide a supportive, caring, compassionate and safe environment as well as a rigorous and challenging curriculum. We greatly appreciate and are grateful for all the support and partnering you give us to create successes for your child(ren).

    As always feel free to contact your child's teacher, or other appropriate person at the school, if you should have any questions or additional needs.

    I am very grateful to our great faculty and staff for all they do. It is a pleasure to work with everyone.


    PLUS (People Lending Us Support)


    This is a test for ...please download our application for the 2018-2019 School Year.  (This is my descriptive text for my link) - use as many words as possible.