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    Dear Wyoming Community,

    To say the least, we have had many changes over the past year.  We have gone from in-person learning to remote learning, then opening in the fall to in-person then back to remote learning again for a few weeks.  It is my hope that we may continue in-person learning for the rest of the 2020-21 school year.

    We have upgraded technology so that every child has a Chromebook to use here and at home.  Teachers and students alike continue to adjust to using technology both here and at home.

    Our staff and faculty agree, along with parents, that students need to be in school for the best education we can possibly give them.  With everyone's continued support of all protocols we can accomplish this.  

    It is our hope that soon we will be able to offer more after school activities beyond homework club.

    Our staff continues to provide a supportive, caring, compassionate and safe environment as well as a rigorous and challenging curriulum.  We greatly appreciate, and are grateful, for all of the support and partnering you give us to create successes for your chidren.  I encourage you to feel free to contact your child(ren)'s teacher, or other appropriate staff member, at the school if you should have any questions or additional needs.

    I cannot thank, and be grateful, enough for everything our great faculty and staff do each and every day.  It is a pleasure to work with everyone and it continues to be a pleasure to serve Wyoming as Superintendent.  As always, I will continue my commitment to our school.  

     Stay connected throughout the year through our website and social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, and the Wyoming CSD App).  For more information on any of these ways to connect with the District, please contact our District Office at 495-6222 ext. 118.

    Thank you for all you do to make Wyoming Central School a wonderful place for our students.