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I spy with my little eye...

As we now enter the second week of the "Home" School Adventure we will try to focus on our social needs.  Keep checking this page to see fun posts that may be of friends, teachers or even bus drivers!  


We will post things to keep you connected with your "Wyoming CSD Distant Family" that are not so distant after all.


To start it off, this week we are doing "Home" School Spirit Week - COVID 19 Style!  Miss Alfes starts the momentum with a grand appreciation of our hospital workers.  Click on "Spirit Week" next to her picture for the direct link of what each day's theme will be.  THEN take a picture and email it to or 


After a panel reviews the submitted pictures we will post* our favorite one and mail a prize to the creative supporter!! 


Thank you to all hospital workers! Spirit Week 

(Miss Alfes takes care of Tootsie, a special family friend)


So now let's have some fun and see what ideas you came up with!!


*Please note if you submit pictures you are authorizing Wyoming CSD to use it on the school's website and social media avenues.  If you only wish it to appear on the website please desiginate that in your email.  Also, due to Student Privacy we will not post student's names.